Confirming Our Full Engagement To Sustainability At An International Level

Friend of the Sea is an international non-profit certification scheme for products from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture.

Kimagro was thoroughly audited by an independent Certification Body in accordance with FoS criteria. As a result, we are certified sustainable aquaculture: fish are reared with respect of critical habitat, GMOs and growth hormones.

Key part of the Audit included Kimagro’s ability to provide :

  • Monitoring Program
  • Aquaculture Legislation (Cyprus) includes the mandatory requirement for fish farm owners to deliver to the Director the Monitoring Program every six months in accordance to the specified schedule.
  • Environmental Impact Assessments 2003 and 2007 • Monitoring Parameters
  • Waste Management Plan

Next Steps

Kimagro is committed to the addition of these two Environmental objectives:

  • Reducing Carbon Footprint with studies underway and
  • Increasing its social accountability with becoming certified SA 8000