Antonis 'Tony' Kimonides

Founder & Managing Director

"Most of the work is done by nature”

Antonis Kimonides

Kimagro’s Founder and Managing Director has over 30 years experience in the industry. He is a scientist first and foremost, having specialised in Marine Aquaculture and holding a Masters degree in Oceanography.

1983- 1987: Expert for the UN Food & Agriculture Organisation Marine Fish Farming Consultant for several Greek companies, Athens - Greece
1988 - 1993: Manager of Sagro Aquaculture Ltd, Paphos - Cyprus
1989: Founded Kimagro Fishfarming Ltd.

Tony’s extensive knowledge of the seas and strong currents surrounding the island of Cyprus, in addition to his specialised expertise, has allowed him to strategically build a fish farm where everyone thought it impossible to do so. those who know well of tony’s work ethics, are fully aware that the word “impossible” does not fit in his vocabulary!