Julia Kimonidou

Julia Kimonidou

Operations Manager

Julia is Tony and Sandrine’s eldest daughter. She eventually decided that the family business was her calling and came to gain work experience in Kimagro from the summer of 2011.

As an introduction into the Company, Julia had spent over a year with her then mentor – Phytos, the Company’s Financial Controller. This resulted in her gaining a lot of insight in a relatively short period of time and now efficiently runs the Packing Site which includes managing the Processing Team. She coordinates the overall day to day process with the other Managers such as Exports, Quality, Packaging and Distribution to ensure safe, accurate and speedy turnaround times are constantly met for Kimagro’s loyal high valued customers.

Julia has followed in Sandrine’s footsteps with her love of all things furry, especially her adorable cat named Jerry.

Julia’s favourite Levantina Fish? Sea Bream simply baked in the oven, enjoyed with a plate of roasted vegetables and a glass of rosé.