Phytos Ioannou

Financial Controller

BA(Hons) Accounting&Finance, FCA

Phytos role also covers the Company’s HRM system.

Phytos has worked with the Company since 2000 and runs the Accounts & Payroll Department with the help of Kimagro’s Admin Team. He received his Accounting and Finance degree from Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK and initially worked in a major local Accounting Firm when he returned to Cyprus. Once he met Kimagro’s Founder and MD however he made the decision to accept Tony’s offer and join Kimagro in its infant stage.

At the time it was thought quite a risk locally, for a promising young Accountant to divert from traditional establishments concerning career aspirations. Phytos however not being phased by the relative newness of the aquaculture industry in Cyprus, saw the opportunity in Tony’s vision and was determined to play his part in it.

In his full role over the years, Phytos has obtained a deep understanding of the business from all aspects. As Second in Command he has been instrumental in helping to grow a vibrant Fish Farming company. When he is not busy crunching the numbers and establishing latest cage percentages with the Operations Manager, Phytos enjoys playing football with other Kimagro employees and spending time with his young family.

Phytos favourite Levantina Fish?  Sea Bass sashimi style with wasabi and a splash of soy sauce.