Sandrine Kimonidou

Quality Manager

Sandrine is Tony’s wife who is originally from the gastronomic city of Dijon, in the French region of Burgundy (Bourgogne).

She is the Quality Manager of the business and has successfully brought the Company’s Packing Site and Quality requirements in accordance to various regulations; specifically the high standard expected by the strict Veterinary Authorities of Cyprus. With her lead therefore, Kimagro’s Packing Site progressed fairly swiftly from being a HACCP accredited unit like all the rest of the fish farms to its further success in obtaining ISO Standards. To date it is the only Fish Farm in Cyprus holding an ISO 22000 accreditation for its Packing Site.

Sandrine loves to read books and most of all she loves her pet dog (a Tiny Yorkie) named Ruby. She also enjoys exploring and creating various culinary treats for her family and friends.

Sandrine’s favourite Levantina Fish?  Sea Bass cooked in the oven with fresh cream, white wine and topped off with almond flakes – considered a really tasty dish by all who have tried it.