Stavros Stavrinou

Local Sales & Distribution Manager

Stavros says that he has studied in the “University of Life”. Having been in the fish business for over 20 years, he is very confident in his ability. Kimagro’s key Distribution Manager for local sales, stresses that he does not like fish going to waste and will do everything professionally possible to sell our beautiful fresh fish, rich in Omega 3 to the Market. To him every single fish is precious and comes to customers with a labour of love from Kimagro.

Stavros is an avid Apollon supporter. It is one of the main Limassol football teams. This can be quite humorously controversial in HQ, firstly because his wife is an integral part of the Admin Team and secondly, she supports the rival local team together with the Financial Controller.

Stavro’s favourite Levantina Fish? Enjoys eating both but prefers the healthier option of it being baked in the oven. He savours every bite with Greek salad, Cypriot bread and a glass of ice cold local beer : Στην Ηγία μας! (Steen Iyia mas = cheers!)