Nutritional Information
Gutted and Scaled Fish
Proteins 24.24%
Fat 5.88%
Carbohydrates 2.16%
Unsaturated Fatty Acids:
Ω3 1.01%
Ω6 0.35%
Ratio: Ω3/ Ω6 = 2.88  

Scientific Name : Dicentrarchus labrax

Considered in the USA as Branzini and in French called Loup de Mer - bar

A sweet and delicate fish, the Sea Bass is popular all over the word lending itself to a diverse range of cuisines from spicy middle eastern dishes to subtle mediterranean flavours.

The Levantina Fish Sea Bass is loved by the professional and domestic cook alike but here’s what some of Europe's Michelin star chefs and other top judges had said about it:

“A beauty!”

“Simply delightful!...harmonious taste”

“Appealing golden exterior reveals clean white flaky pieces”

“Wonderful tasting experience”

“Delicate fresh tasting fish”