A Very Rare Species Of Aquaculture!

Fish you can trust: Kimagro requests a ‘Premi Test’ from Cyprus Veterinary Authorities in order to certify that no antimicrobial agents (antibiotics) are used during the fish rearing process. This means that several sample analyses take place both by the local Vet Authorties and the Company on a separate basis, throughout the year in order for this Certificate to be produced in confidence for our customers.

Sashimi-graded: Kimagro uses sustainable fish feeds that are under the full control and high standards of the Manufacturer who provides our Company with a confirmation notice of their heat treatment process.

  • FREE from antibiotics
  • FREE from GMO or PAP (Processed Animal Proteins)
  • FREE from medicines
  • FREE from formaldehyde used to preserve freshness
  • FREE from stress related to habitat
  • FREE from overcrowding due to heavily dense cages